It is very rewarding to thank farmers and landowners for their generosity in allowing us to detect on their land by sharing finds.

Over time we collect various coins and artefacts, mounting them in a frame or display box we then present them to the Farmer / Landowner as a thank you and giving them a example of history on their land.

Finders Andrew and Mark

This presentation of Roman coins and Roman artefacts was done by Andrew and Mark and presented to the Farmer of one of their permissions


Finder Tony


A beautiful collection of coins and artefacts found by Tony, displayed in a lovely display tray with lid and the identification list of the finds for the Farmer to see the history found on his land. 


A Note of Thanks

Andrew the finder of a Roman Bowl received this letter of thanks, the bowl was taken to his local Museum which they were very excited to see, Andrew donated the Bowl to the Museum which now have it on display for all to see.


Finder Richard

Richard the finder of this beautiful ring, he gave to the landowner who subsequently gave it to his daughter, she was very excited to receive such a prestigious find.


Gift of Rememberance


Richard has his fingers in many pies, he has made coin rings, many wooden items, coasters etc. coins set in resin for coffee tables, after receiving a job offer far up north he decided to leave the club to engage in his new career, before leaving Richard designed and printed on a 3d printer (another talent to his bow) the above detectorist plaque which was donated by him to the club, it now sits on the shelf in our club meeting room. Thanks Richard, much appreciated you will always be remembered for everything you have done.