Club Presentations

Richie's gift to the club upon leaving 

It's rewarding to thank farmers and landowners for their generosity in allowing us to detect on their land by sharing finds with them.  CDMDC encourages this amongst their members.

Andrew & Mark presented this beautiful twin framed set of Roman coins and artefacts to the farmer of one of their permissions

Richie made this Christmas gift to the landowner of his permission.  A coin selection in a presentation box, a bottle of musket balls and a collection of spent bullets.

Richie presented this buckle collection to a landowner in thanks to allowing him to continue detecting on his land.

A Treasure Hunter magazine article framed with the artefact, presented to the landowner by Richie.

thank you notes & letters

CDMDC donates items to local museums where a piece of history can be shared with the public.

more presentations

Tony gifted this generous presentation box to one of his landowners

A tray of King George V coins given by Richie to a landowner

A 15ct gold Victorian Signet Ring was gifted to the landowner by Richie.  Proud owner is now the landowner's daughter.