Grittleton Charity Event
19th February 2017
by Andy Stanley


Held on the 19th February at Grittleton Manor, the weather was kind, considering the time of the year. It was organised at short notice, to  include some clubs in the Western region only, the event was well supported, with circa 90 attendees.Signage to the rally site from the M4 motorway was excellent and easy to follow. On arrival, booking in went well, and the tickets included a free draw for some wine. After booking in, there was free Tea or Coffee and biscuits.

The rally started at 0930 and cars moved across the site to be closer to the fields. The fields were a combination of stubble and a ploughed field.

Local archaeological reports included medieval coin hoards, a roman lead coffin, and Romano British settlements. So the possibilities were good. The ground was fairly claggy, even though there had been little recent rain. The ploughed field was fairly heavy going but turned up some good finds, so made the effort worthwhile. Finds were slow but steady, they appeared concentrated to the left of the copse, and most people I talked to had found something of interest. The finds display cabinet at the end of the rally showed the full range of finds from the day. Included was a silver Roman coin, and bronze ones, a Roman brooch, a Mediaeval Seal matrix, short and long cross hammered, mediaeval buckles, a Portuguese moider coin weight, buttons of local interest and many other small finds. There were some Georgian coppers that came out in exceptional condition.

The Farmers choice was a Roman lead steel yard weight, won by Peter from Wyvern. Well done!

The final raffle was then held, many of the quality prizes were won by regional club members, which included a top prize of a T2 detector going to a member of the Chippenham and District club. This made the purchase of the tickets well worthwhile, and of course the Wiltshire Air Ambulance are to receive money from the raffle, a charity worthy of our support, considering the possibility of falling ill in a remote location.

The first local rally of the year, courtesy of the Chippenham and District club, was well organised, well supported and turned up a range 

of finds for those who attended. Many people commented that they thoroughly enjoyed the day, the landowner was pleased with the event, and very interested in the finds from his land.

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"It was a great day out, well organised"

Mike Slater

Forest of Dean MDC

A medieval dagger pommel and 13th Century lead Seal Matrix found by Mike.

"Thank you to all your club members and helpers for organising a great event at Grittleton last Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and ended up with a couple of pretty good finds.  All in all a fun day!"

Keith Arnold

Severn Vale Historical Research And Detecting Society