A Special Ring Recovered!
article by meg o'donnell

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We had been taken away for the weekend by Simon's brother and our Sister-In-Law as a wedding gift (we got married last year) to Bowood Hotel. On the Saturday Simon and his brother Paul played a round of golf whilst Jo and I spent some time in the spa. During his round, Simon took off his ring to apply some sun cream and placed the ring on the wheel arch of the buggy..(!) Forgetting the ring was there, they drove off and thought nothing of it until 9 holes later when Simon saw me walking towards them, remembering he was married I guess haha! We spent around 3 hours looking that day, as well as a few hours the next morning (casual 6am wake up call!) we also had the help of many other golfers passing by who were happy to help out as much as they could - with no luck whatsoever.


It was really gut wrenching as the wedding ring was absolutely priceless and so sentimental. The gold of the rings is a combination of my Great Nan's wedding ring and Simon's Mom's wedding ring. What makes them extra special are the three diamonds on the inside of both which also came from my Great Nan's ring. When we arrived back to London on the Sunday evening Simon was quite flat and emotionally very raw, he made the decision that he'd like to go back to the hotel the following Sunday armed with a metal detector - which I was more than happy to be a part of.


Over the next few days Simon had been looking to hire or buy a metal detector and I focused my spare time on reading articles about people finding their wedding rings in obscure places after weeks of looking. I came across an article about a metal detecting club finding a wedding ring at a Centre Parcs location and I thought Chippenham must have a local club I could contact for help. That's where you guys came in! I got in touch initially to ask a few questions about metal detectors or whether you would let us borrow any equipment as we have never used a metal detector before, but Richie you put us in touch with the legendary Tony who absolutely saved the day, spending a good few hours on the course looking for us and we owe him and the club so much!