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Tudor and Later Coinage

Alphabetical, not Chronological

1553 The Scottish Coinage

1553-1558 The Coinage Of Mary Tudor

1572 The Coinage of the Marians in Edinburgh Castle

1613-1636 The Royal Farthing Tokens

1625-1649 A Collection of English Coins of Charles I

1637-1642 Coinage Of Aberystwyth

1641-1652 Coinage Of Ireland During The Rebellion

1641-1652 Further Notes On The Irish Coinage

1642-1646 Gold Coins Issued From The Mint At Oxford

1642-1646 The Coinage Of Oxford

1642-1646 The English Civil War mints at Truro & Exeter

1642-1646 The Oxford Mint Unites & Half Unites

1642-1647 The Obsidian Money Of The Great Rebellion (Civil War)

1642-1649 The Obsidianal Money Of The Great Rebellion

1642-1697 The Scottish Copper Coinages

1643-1645 The Coinage Of Bristol

1645-1646 The Coinage Of Lundy

1647-1648 Coinage Of Coombe Martin

1671-1731 Cardiganshire Silver and the Feather Coinage

1695-1699 William III Notes On The Great Recoinage

A Summary Of The Cromwell Coinage

Charles I Blacksmith's Or Kilkenny Half-crowns

Charles I Contemporary Evidence Of Attribution To Isolation Fortresses

Charles I Half Crowns Truro Exeter

Charles I Metrology of the English Civil War Coinages

Charles I Oxford Mint & The Triple Unites

Charles I Silver Coins From The Tower Mint

Charles I The Attribution Of The BR Monogram On Coins

Charles I The Coins Of Shrewsbury Mint 1642

Charles I The Silver Crowns of Truro and Exeter

Charles I The Tower Coins

Charles I Tower Gold Problems of Survival Ratios

Charles I Tower Gold

Charles I Tower Mint Silver Crowns

Charles I Tower Shillings and their Influence on the Aberystwyth Issue

Charles I Truro & Exeter Mints

Charles I Weymouth & Salisbury Mints

Charles I Weymouth Mint Unpublished Information

Charles I York Mint

Charles II A Review Of Coinage

Charles II A Review Of The Pattern Broads

Charles II Notes on Simon's pattern (petition) crown

Charles II Silver Scottish Coinage

Charles II The Gold Coinage

Copper v Tin Coins in Seventeenth-Century England

Edgar Boehm and the Jubilee Coinage

Edwardian Sterlings in the 1900 Berscar (Closeburn) Find

Elizabeth I Notes on the Gold Coinage

Elizabeth I Portrait Punches Used on the Hammered Coinage

Elizabeth I Some Notes On Her Hammered Coinage

Elizabeth I The Milled Coinage

Gold, Silver and Double-Florin

Henry VII The Last Coinage

Henry VIII Coinage Of Ireland

Henry VIII English & Irish Coins Bearing His Queens Initials

Henry VIII Halfpennies & Farthings

Henry VIII Second Coinage Sequence Of Marks

Henry VIII The Wolsey Coins

Henry VIII's Irish Coinage The Hald Harps

James I Crowns

James I The Busts On His Silver Coinage

James I The English Silver Coins

James I The Royal Farthing Tokens

James II The Irish Emergency Coinages 1689-1691

James III & James IV Heavy Silver Coinage

James III & James IV Early Unicorns and the Heavy Groats

James V & Mary The Bawbee Issues

James V The Groat Coinage 1526-1538

Mary Queen of Scots Notes on the vicit leo Testoons

Mary Queen of Scots The First Gold Coinage

Numbered Strikings of Victorian Bronze Coins, 1860-68

Quarter-Sovereigns and Other Small Gold Patterns and the Mid-Victorian Period

Richard Sainthill and the New Bronze Coinage

Rose Farthing Tokens

Rose Ryals of James I, 1605-17

The Coinage of 1893

The Coinage of the Stuarts

The Dorrien & Magens Shilling of 1798

The Dunchurch and Stafford Finds of Eighteenth-Century Halfpence and Counterfeits

The Extant Ormonde Pistoles and Double Pistoles of 1646

The Jubilee Coinage of 1887

The Newark Medal

The Sovereign Remedy Touch-Pieces and the King's Evil

The Striking of Proof and Pattern Coins in the Eighteenth Century

The Tudor Coinage for Ireland


The Tudor Coinage

Tudor Coinage Notes on Early Period

Tudor England Gold is the strength, the sinnewes of the world Continental Gold

Tudor Monarchs Portraiture On Their Coins & Medals

Saxon & Viking Coinage

1016-1042 Moneyers Of The Late Anglo-Saxon Coinage

1030-1050 Anglo Saxon Coin Types

675-710 Monetary Circulation in England The Distribution Pattern of Series ABC& F

802-839 Ecgbeorht King Of Wessex Coins

825-870 The Coinage of the East Anglian Kingdom

921-925 Coins Commemorating The Rebuilding Of York Minster

958-975 Eadgar Fastolfi Moneta

973-1086 Continuity & Change in English Monetary History

975-1066 Assays & Imitations, Foreign & Native Late Saxon Period

980 The Viking Descent On Cheshire

997 Numismatic Sidelines On The Battle Of Brunanburgh

A Carolingian Denarius with a Devonshire Provenance

A Numeration of Late Anglo-Saxon Coin Types

Aethelraed I Of Northumbria Coins

Aethelraed I Penny, Son-In-Law Of Alfred The Great

Aethelraed I, Cnut & Harthacnut Scandinavian Coins

Aethelraed II Crux Northern Variants

Aethelraed II Hiberno-Norse Imitation

Aethelraed II Historical Implications of the Regional Production of Dies

Aethelraed II Long Cross Subsidary Issue

Aethelraed II Regional Pattern of Die-Cutting Exhibited by the First Hand pennies

Aethelraed II Small Cross Issues

Aethelraed II Some Misread Moneyers

Aethelraed II The Last Small Cross Type

Aethelraed II The Mints Of Sudbury & Soutwark

Aethelraed II The Mythical Helmet Long Cross

Aethelraed II The Small Crux Issues

Aethelred I Coinage (865-71)

Aethelred II Die-Cutting in the Last Small Cross Type

Aldfrith King of Northumbria (685-704)

Alfred A Remarkable Penny

Alfred Half & Third Pennies

Alfred the Great The Lunettes coinage

Anglo Saxon Coins MONETA & MOT

Anglo-Norman Coins In the Uppsala Cabinet

Anglo-Saxon Coins in Eleventh-Century Poland

Anglo-Saxon Coins In The British Museum Provenances

Anglo-Saxon law & Numismatics

Anglo-Saxon Numismatics

Archbishop Eanbald II Coins

Athelstan I - A Ship Type of East Anglia

Bergred The Kingdom & Coins

Betwixt Sceattas & Offa's Pence. Mint-attributions & the chronology of a recession

Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon & English Series

Ceowulf II Unpublished Fragment of a Coin

Chemical Analyses of English Sceattas

Cnut Coinage

Cnut Gouged Reverse Dies in the Quatrefoil Issue

Cnut Quatrefoil Type Hiberno-Norse and Irish Sea Imitations

Cnut The Great, The Anglian Coins

Cnut The Problem Of the Fleur-De-Lis Sceptre

Coenwulf Penny by Wihtred from Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire

Coinage In The Age Of Burgred

Coins Of Sigtuna Inscribed Aethelred I, Cnut & Harthacnut

Coins of the Anglo-Saxon Period from Repton, Derbyshire

Cuerdale Coins of Quentovic from the Hoard in the Museum of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Cuerdale The Kufic Coins

Currency under the Vikings - 1 Guthrum and the earliest Danelaw coinages

Currency under the Vikings - 2 The two Scandinavian kingdoms of the Danelaw 895-954

Currency under the Vikings - 3 Ireland, Wales, IOM & Scotland 9th & 10th centuries

Currency under the Vikings - 4 The Dublin coinage c.995-1050

Currency under the Vikings - 5 The Scandinavian Achievement and Legacy

Determining the mint-Attribution of East Anglian Sceattas through Regression analysis

Die Axis In The Late Saxon Coinage

Eadbearht New Type Of Moneyer PRAEN

Eadweard The Martyr & Athelraed II Chronological Sequence Of Types

Earduulf a significant addition to the coinage of Northumbria

Early Northumbrian Coins at Auction, 1981

Early Northumbrian Viking Coins

Edmund The Crowned Bust Coinage 939-946

Edward The Confessor & William I Coin Brooches

Edward The Confessor Piedfort Lead Trial Piece

Edward The Confessor Round Half Penny

Edward The Confessor Sedlescombe Find Of Pennies

Edward The Confessor The 'Eadpeard' Variety of the Hammer Cross Type

Edward The Confessor The Droitwich Mint & BMC Type XIV

Edward The Confessor's Gold Penny

Edward The Elder Gold Penny

Edward The Elder Pennies With Facade Of  A Building

Ethelbert I  Sceat of East Anglia & recent finds of coins of Beonna

Ethelred II Small Cross & Crux Types

Ethelred II The Mint Of Stamford

Forgery In The Anglo-Saxon Series

Four Italian Coins Imitating Anglo-Saxon Types

Further Coins from the Mint of Huntingdon

Harold I Coins 1035-1040

Harold I Mis-Attributed Fleur-De-Lis Coins

Harthacnut Anglo-Saxon Coins

Hiberno-Danish Coinage Chronology

Interpreting the Alloy of the Later Anglo-Saxon Coinage

Ludica King Of Mercia Penny

Moneyer Odilo Northumbrian 9th Century Issues

Moneyer Tortulf The Anglo-Saxon Coins

Moneyers of the late Anglo-Saxon coinage, 1016-1042

Northumbrian Coins in the Name of Alwaldus (Short Articles and Notes)

Northumbrian Numismatic Chronology In The 9th Century

Northumbrian Pennies Of The Tenth Century

Offa of Mercia A Sceat

Offa Of Mercia Gold Mancus

Philology matters to Early Anglo-Saxon money matters

Richard Olof The  Coinage

Roger of Wendover's Date from Edgar's Coinage Reform

Runic sceatta reading EPA, Types R1 and R2

Saint Aethelberht, King Of East Anglia Penny

Saint Cuthbert's Pennies

Saxon Coins From Southampton & Bangor

Saxon Pennies From The Upper Souterrain At Knowth

Sceat Types BMC Type 47 Female Centaur or Sphinx

Sceatta & Styca Coinage Of Northumbria Reappraisal

Sceatta & Styca Coinage Of The Early Archbishops Of York


Sceatta & Their Problems

Sceatta (Regal) & Styca Series Of Northumbria

Sceatta Finds Twelve Notes

Sceatta Mercian Hegemony & the origins of Series J

Sceatta The Animal & Miscellaneous Series

Sceatta The Standard & London Types

Sceatta The Two Primary Series

Sceattas A Check-list of English Finds

Sceattas Found at the Iron-Age Hill Fort of Walbury Camp, Berkshire

Sceattas The Wolf Types

Short Cross & other Medieval coins from Llanfaes, Anglesey

Short Cross Class Ia The Chronology

Short Cross Coinage A Re-Examination of Classes 7 & 8

Short Cross Coinage Dies, Design Changes & Square Lettering in the Opening Phase

Short Cross Coins Some Questions

Short Cross Problem Norwich Or Northampton

Sihtric Caoch, King of Dublin & York Some Reflections on the English Coinages

Single Finds of Anglo-Saxon & Norman Coins

Sitric I Anonymous Anglo-Viking Issue with Sword & Hammer Types

Some Finds of Thrymas & Sceattas in England

Tenth Century Coins Found On Isle Of Man

The Ancient Kingdom Of East Angles (1845)

The Change Of Coin Types In The Eleventh Century

The Circulation Of Sceats In Merovingian Gaul

The Coins Of The Danish Kings Of Ireland

The First Series of Sceattas minted in Southern Wessex Series W

The Hiberno-Norse Coins in Gotlands Fornsal, Visby

The Hiberno-Norse Element of the List Hoard from Sylt

The Inscription On The Oxford Pennies Of The Ohsnaforda Type

The Jewel Cross Coinage

Three Late anglo saxon notes

The Principal Series of English Sceattas

The Provision and Use of Dies for Short Cross Class V

The Saxon, Norman & Plantagenet Coinage Of Wales

Two Northumbrian stycas of Eanred and Aethelred II from Early Medieval Truso in Poland

Uncertain Anglo-Saxon Mints

Were Earldormen Exercising Independent Control over the Coinage in Mid 10th Century England